Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art in the Mall

I went to a defunct underground mall that was turned into artist studios.

To get to the entrance, I had to go through the food market.

These turtles don't look anything like my pet turtle Scooter, but knowing they were going to be turned into soup made me a little uneasy.

The art mall sounded interesting, but turned out to be more dead mall that alternative art space, so I'm hoping it's a work in progress. There were some teenagers learning to paint patterns on plates, and some studios that weren't open to the public, but not much else in terms of "art". Otherwise, there were a bunch of fabric stores and fish restaurants. It was one of the many times when I wondered if being Korean would help me understand what was going on, or if the situation itself just didn't make sense.

I made two young friends who were probably there for the free juice boxes.

They liked me a lot and they gave me a piece of chocolate, a tangerine, a Dorito, and a mystery fruit/vegetable that I assumed was some kind of tuber (and which I never got around to figuring out how to eat.)

After I emerged, I walked around the neighborhood which seemed sort of like the Bowery (of the past) with it's restaurant supply shops.

Then I made my way out to the far-flung but delightful teahouse Suyeon Sanbang, which used to be the home of Korean novelist Lee Tae-jun

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